K9SAD Repeaters

Check in daily
These are the ONLY Chicagoland area repeaters that have, unrestricted, 24 HOUR access!!!

443.800 Mhz.+ 103.5Hz P.L. (8 Receiver Sites).
224.160 Mhz. - 110.9Hz. P.L. (3 Receiver Sites).
146.335 Mhz. Simplex 203.5Hz. P.L. Cross linked to 443.800 for receive.
52.890 Mhz. - 131.8Hz. P.L. (Split Site with 2 Receiver Sites).

Click here for an updated list, of our Receiver Sites, alternate PL' s schedule.
This feature enables you to force your signal into just, one single area's receive site.

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Pictures taken from our sites and various ham related activities.

Look for a live "On-The-Air" InterNet Remote Base link to all SadFar's repeater systems, here, coming in the very near future.

You may E-Mail us at: k9sad@sadfar.com